How to create a fiddler trace for third party support – and remove password(s)

  1. Download and install Fiddler from
  2. Launch Fiddler and click Clear Cache button.
  3. Go to File menu and make sure Capture Traffic is checked.
  4. Go to Tools menu and click Fiddler Options
    On Https tab check Decrypt Https Traffic and Ignore server certificate errors.
  5. Reproduce the issue and let Fiddler capture and sessions.
  6. Once the issue reproduced then go to Fiddler.
  7. Make sure to remove any passwords:
    1. Select a frame
    2. CTRL+F – search for the password
    3. All highlighted frames must be investigated
    4. Press F2 on a highlighted frame and delete the passwords
  8.  Go to File menu and click Save, choose All Sessions and save the trace as a .saz file